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Август 2, 2013

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15:28 - Xavier Collette: Alice au Pays des Merveilles
Оригинал взят у tapirr в Xavier Collette: Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Я приобрёл в Москве вот эту книжку-комикс на русском языке. Комикс великолепный, но и цена нехилая.
Художник Xavier Collette (Rennes, Франция)

Alice in Wonderland, Trailer:

Alice au Pays des Merveilles по GLENATBD

  • Alice in Wonderland
    Released in march 2010, Alice in Wonderland was my first comic book. It was a real pleasure to work on this very unique theme, made of dreams.
    This book is an adaptation of the original story. So, don't try to compare it to the Disney's version, Alice is inspired by the real Alice Liddel, and Wonderland is not so cute...
    The book is available in french (Drugstore), german (Splitter), danish (Cobolt), italian (Renoir Comics), spanish (Glénat), korean (Semicolon), dutch (Daedalus uitgeverij) and perhaps russian (unknown editor)...  my only regret is that there is no english version... but... if you know some editors who could be interressed in publishing it... feel free to contact me or the french editor, Drugstore.
    You can see more images on my website, if you want to...

  • Alice in Wonderland, sample page.

  • Alice in Wonderland, a small sculpture i made after finishing the book.
    The comic book was a really hard work (and has 68pages...), so i needed a way to relax...



(Пустить колечко дыма...)

Xavier Collette: Alice au Pays des Merveilles - В гостях у Синей Гусеницы…

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